Winter Moments

I am Rudolph
I’m a reindeer

My life as a reindeer wasn’t easy
My life was rather difficult

I’m not just an ordinary reindeer
I have this weird nose
It shines red like a light
It scared everyone insight

Then everybody called me names.
And wouldn’t let me play any reindeer games

That made me angry
It really frustrated me
I couldn’t stand of this furthermore

I couldn’t take this anymore
Only some people liked me
But not many people liked me

This was beyond my control
I almost got out of control

But then I see a light
A bright light

When Santa noticed my nose
He asked me if I could lead the reindeer
I said I would

Now everybody liked me
I felt very happy
As soon as I know it
I could go down in history
These we’re my winter moments

Lyrics written by Reggid
Music by Reggid
Vocals by Vilocon