The Gates of Darkness

I’m a bat
I’m a vampire
I’m out there

I’m thirsty 
I’m hunger for blood
I need it

Out at night
I am nocturnal
I’m out there

I will feed
I will drain your blood
I need it

Don’t come close
Don’t come close to me 
I’ll fight you

I want blood
I will drink your blood
I need it

Stay away
Stay away from me
I’ll fight you

Cause I’m a bat
I’m a vampire
I’m out there

I’m a creature of the night 
I don’t come out in the daylight

I ‘m out there searching for prey
I need blood to sustain me

I can survive in the daylight
But I rather come out at night

I will fight with anybody 
That dares come close to me

Don’t you come close to me
Or I’ll fight you

Yeah and I’ll blaze you

Lyrics written by Reggid with help by Stephen Lynch
Music by Reggid
Vocals by Stephen Lynch aka Shard Spider

© 2014 by Reggid. Proudly created with

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