The Escape From Egypt

(as Eternal Spirit)

The Israelites were held in Egypt as slaves
God cared about them and so he sent Moses

Moses went to Pharaoh
And told him to let his people go.

Pharaoh refused to let the Israelites go
So God sent 10 plagues to Egypt

Water turned into blood,
Frogs went everywhere,
then lice and flies.
Livestock died,
The Egyptians got boils,
And hail rained down.
Locusts invaded their territory,
Darkness filled the land,
And the first born of Egypt are dead.
Finally, after that last plague, Pharaoh lets the people go.

The Israelites went to the Red Sea
Moses then opens it and they went through
The sea then closes and the Egyptian army dies
The Israelites are now free from Egypt
With thanks to God.

Lyrics written by Reggid
Music by Reggid
Vocals by Kirk J. Landow