You killed my family, your attack was where i lived 9 years ago
My parents and I were about to eat dinner when we heard the screams
We all looked out the window and saw you murdering eveyone in your path
Men, women, and childen. I saw you murder my brother in the middle of the street.
Before you got to our house, my mother told me to hide in the pantry.
I did what i was told but you kicked down the door before she had a chance to hide.
You killed both my mother and father in one swing
I then realized i need revenge. i took my father's broken blade and ran after you
Don't you remember the little girl? The one who survived the attack in the village of fire?
I am that little girl. i was weak then and only 12 years of age, but now i'm much stronger.

Today you will die.

No, sorry, I couldn't avenge you.

Voice script written by Lara Courtney
Music by Reggid and Dalibor Arizanovic of Cosmicall
Vocals by Lara Courtney