Nativity Story

An angel came to me
And said that I am going to have a Son

He said that his shall be Jesus
That He is Christ the Lord

Me and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem
Looking for a place to stay

But everywhere we went
They were all full
But then we’ve found a place.

It was a manger that we had found
And then we settled down

Then Jesus 
Came to us
He is born to save us

Then a star
Rose up high
And It shined in the east

Three wise men
Saw the star
Then they came with their gifts

Gold and myrrh
Were the gifts they have given

To our Lord
Jesus Christ
For he is good to everyone

He is our
perfect gift
He has come to save us

Lyrics written by Reggid
Music by Reggid
Vocals by Amanda Neves aka Ariah and River Angel Odin