Reggid began making music in 2004 with ACID 3.0 and loops. Then later he used music-making videogames such as MTV Music Generator and MAGIX Music maker. But then in September 2005, an electronica producer friend of his introduced him to Fruity loops. He didn’t fully understand Fruity loops when he first tried it with one song, but then a couple of other electronica producers helped Reggid with a couple of features and since then, Reggid’s music has become nothing short of a miracle after having old quality trance songs and looped compositions.

After his first song in FL, he decided to try a different electronica style like breaks and with gothic style. He originally was gonna do vocals himself and tweak with them but after having bad attempts in the past, he decided to give collaborations a shot. His first vocalist he collaborated with on this song was an industrial electronica artist called Platinum Dragon17. After having the song completed and releasing it on ACIDPlanet, it had success. Then he and Platinum Dragon17 did another track together called “Runaway”. After completion and releasing it on ACIDPlanet, it had some massive success and even appeared on ACIDPlanet’s Electronica podcast on the 33rd episode.

In 2006, Reggid began making more music and then he began production on his first album entitled “Triumph“. It was released on June 29th, 2006 as a free album, but then in October 2007 it was released on CD Baby and then it got out on iTunes and elsewhere.

Then in September 2006, he released a solo track called “Sunrise Drive”. It had some good reviews but then five days later it got featured on ACIDPlanet Electronica Podcast on its 73rd episode. Later in that month, he began a side project called “Eternal Spirit” to try to mark his music in the Christian market. His side project doesn’t feature trance like in his normal name but features other kinds of electronica and even includes styles like most Christian music.

In October 2006 he began to begin production on his sophomore album “Moonlight” in which hopefully he’ll have on sale in 2008. He produced his own dark version of the Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer story for Electronoel 7 at ACIDPlanet and will offer it on his sophomore album as an iTunes and Beatport exclusive.

In October 2007, Reggid did some mods for Ruud van Gaal’s racing simulator Racer. The mods he did consisted of mainly reverse lights to help make Racer more realistic. He released some of his songs from his sophomore album including a remake of “No Match” (which features Platinum Dragon17 on vocals) to ACIDPlanet for a contest that has original music for Halloween, along with two non-album songs. One of them, entitled “Vampire”, featured a different trance style that combined house and metal vocals which was unique from the rest of his music although it’s a little similar to No Match and is more professional although he’s still an amateur.

In January 2008, Reggid released two new winter songs for Electronoel 8 at ACIDPlanet. One a winter feel down tempo track called “Arctic Glacier” while the other one, called “Nativity Story” is a trance track that retells the story of Jesus’s birth from Mary’s point of view. While Arctic Glacier was a beautiful well done track, Nativity Story managed to get an honorable mention in Electronoel 8.

Reggid has come along way from where he was back in ’04 and now he’s become better than he was before.